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Calling All Memory Lane Walkers, Experience Seekers, Starry-Eyed Dreamers, and Hopeless Romantics

Wedding Films and Photos for those who value the journey over the destination and know that life is lived in the memories and stories we make along the way. For those who revel in the unexpected, the perfectly imperfect, and romanticize the small moments in life.  Here we're about films and photos full of heart and emotion that bring you right back to once in a lifetime moments and a cinematic capturing of all the raw, beautiful in betweens. No other story is quite like yours and we believe it should be captured in a way that is authentic, honest, beautiful, and true to you.

Luxury Destination Photo and Video Team Based in Grand RApids, MI

You Deserve To Remember How it Felt

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we're Patrick
& Alayna

A husband and wife duo who quit their day jobs to follow a dream. We are Photographers and Filmmakers based in Grand Rapids, MI, but traveling all over to capture epic love stories. We live for the raw, real, and authentic moments in life, the sparks of joy you wish you could bottle up and keep forever. We’re taco enthusiasts, travel bug sufferers, pup parents, and everyday adventurers.

Our Approach to Storytelling

This is the next chapter of your story together, and though it may be the most exciting one yet, it certainly isn't the beginning. We want to honor and create space for the journey and history woven into the very fiber of your relationship and dive deep into what has brought you together. We firmly believe that who you are, the life you are building, and the things that you love matter and are worth celebrating and capturing for forever.

Our goal as we document moments is to simply allow them to unfold, to create space for you to be your truest selves, and to give you the opportunity to be fully present to take it all in.  We want the moments we capture to be real and honest, yet striking and beautiful so the way we approach shooting tends to be more documentary and candid with an eye for moments rather than poses. More than anything we want for you to be immersed in the love around you and to fully enjoy every last drop of joy and togetherness.