You deserve to remember how it felt

You deserve to remember the surprise on his face when he first sees you in your dress. You deserve to remember the sound of your dad’s voice in his speech that brought everyone in the room to tears. You deserve to remember the face of your love while walking down the aisle full of emotion, moments before committing to forever.

Our Process

Moments That Last A lifetime

Have you ever looked at wedding photos from your parents, grandparents, or even great grandparents and imagined what that day might have been like? Painted pictures in your mind from their stories? Maybe they have a video and you’ve watched that shaky, camcorder footage of their ceremony more times than you can count. With advancing technology the current generation has the ability to relive memories in ways past generations could only dream of. 

Imagine yourself on your 20th anniversary sitting on the couch with your kids watching your wedding film and flipping through your photos. The smiles on their faces as they get to hear your vows, see your joy, and experience the day that started it all. This decision and these heirloom memories will transcend time, get better with age, and touch the lives of people you may never meet. 

Local Wedding Film Collections for 2023 start at $5500

Local Wedding Photo & Video Collections for 2023 start at $10,000

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Wedding Films

Wedding Film Collections Starting at $5500

Each of our bespoke wedding films is completely tailored to you. Think of it like going to a luxury tailor for a custom made suit- it’s one of a kind, of the highest quality, unlike anyone else’s, and all about your experience. A wedding film is a once in a lifetime moment captured in a way that goes beyond a single day to tell the story of your relationship as you commit to life together. We encapsulate all of the emotions of the day: the tears, the belly laughs, the little stolen glances, and everything in between.

Wedding Photo and Video

Wedding Photo and Video Collections Starting at $10000

Our greatest passion is telling epic stories. We believe photos and films each have a unique role to play in preserving memories. You can’t hang a film up on the wall to admire in the same way that you can with a printed photograph. On the other hand a photo will never allow you to hear the words of a loved one after they have passed or relive the feelings just as strongly as you felt them the first time. We believe that no wedding day is complete without both photos and film. Allowing us to capture both ensures the best possible communication, cohesiveness, continuity, and overall experience before, during, and after your wedding day. 

Think about it- one set of contracts, payments, emails, communication- one team to handle it all. Our husband and wife mind reading powers combined with years of working together help to ensure peace of mind that the big day will be a great experience and smooth sailing.


We require a signed contract and a 30% non-refundable retainer to officially reserve your date on our calendar. We book on a first come first serve basis, but will always let you know if someone else has inquired for your date.

We feel strongly that both photo and video are essential to capturing a wedding or elopement and that offering just photography would be a disservice to our couples. We also believe that the two of us work best as a team. Whether you have us for just video or for both services working together is very important to us! That being said, if your wedding or elopement is off season or last minute we will occasionally make an exception, so feel free to reach out to us if that is you!

We do offer lifestyle and engagement photography sessions, so if that is what you are looking for contact us HERE

Yes! We love to fly our drone whenever we can, but we do not guarantee drone coverage. If your wedding or elopement is in a national park, near a military base or airport, in a no-fly zone, on a day that weather conditions are not great, or if the wedding schedule does not allow enough time for drone coverage, we will not be able to fly. 

We absolutely travel! One of our favorite parts of our job is getting to celebrate and document love in epic places. We will estimate and include travel expenses in the pricing that you see when we send your investment brochure, so no hidden travel fees!

Short answer, no. There are both creative and legal reasons for this, but we strongly believe it is for the best. We only use licensed music in our films and spend hours to days finding the right music to fit your wedding day and your story. 

We believe that audio is the biggest thing that sets video apart from photos. Patrick studied audio production before ever getting into filmmaking so this is something we really pride ourselves on. Whenever there will be a situation that could have audio that tells a story we will make sure that we are prepared to capture it. When we begin editing we sort through the best of the best audio moments to map out a cohesive, meaningful story and build the film around that. Years from now we promise you will thank us for being able to hear those words again. 

We like to describe our style as raw, authentic, story-driven, and organic. Not every moment on a wedding day is going to be 100% picture perfect and we actually prefer it that way. We want our films and photos to make you feel like you are right there experiencing that moment again. Outside of your portrait time where we get the fun, dreamy shots we take a more fly on the wall approach and document things authentically as they unfold on the day. We want to capture with sincerity all of the laughing, crying, dancing, frolicking through fields, jumping in the pool, climbing mountains, and cuddling up together moments.

Our typical turnaround time for films is between 3-4 months. We take the time we need to make every film the best it can possibly be, approximately 50-80 hours worth of time to be precise. Photos are typically returned in 10 weeks or less. In busier seasons (especially late summer through the holidays) our delivery times tend to be on the longer side. In the off season, times may be shorter. With our collections we also offer a short teaser film that will be delivered to you within approximately 1 week of the wedding. If you have us for photo as well we will have sneak peeks to you within the week of your wedding. Think of this like the delicious chips and salsa that your favorite Mexican restaurant serves you to tide you over until your full meal comes. It’s a little something to share and savor in the meantime. 

HELL YES! Love is love and we believe it deserves to be documented. You deserve to have vendors who will celebrate the hell out of you and make you feel at ease on your best day ever.