Anything But Ordinary

Films as unique as you because your story is remarkable in every way. There's no formula, shortcut, or cookie cutter framework here. Each of our films has a distinct flavor and spice customized to fit the couple it was created for. Each was crafted with love, time, and intention to allow their personalities and stories to shine through. Though you may find common themes and similar energy, no two are alike. We hope as you explore their stories you feel connected, caught up in the emotion, and encouraged in how unique and special your own story truly is. These are moments that should last a lifetime and we hope you smile thinking about sitting on the couch to watch them with your grandkids someday.

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The Adventure Starts HEre


Capturing who you are in the small moments, Not just the big ones

Your relationship goes far beyond the one day that you say 'I DO' and your story started long before your wedding day. We want to capture a glimpse into the journey. To see and capture the beauty of the life you are building together in this season of engagement. To show what real life together looks and feels like when you aren't front and center. Story sessions give us space and time to do that in a stress free environment with connection and intention at the forefront. So let's grab a drink, get to know each other, and take a moment to enjoy and reflect on how special it is that you have found your forever.

We want to capture your Saturday morning coffee together, the walk you take around your neighborhood, spend some time playing with your dogs.  Let's go to the spot you first met or where they got down on one knee. We want to tag along to your favorite cocktail bar, date night, or take stroll around the city you call home. Maybe we travel to find some epic views and explore your destination. Let's make dinner with your grandparents or head to your cabin up north and splash in the lake at sunset. Whatever it is we want to capture the places, people, and things that make you who you are!